Louis Papineau

Dr Papineau received his medical degree Magna Cum Laude from Université de Montréal in 1952 then completed specialities in general and in orthopedic surgery.

He founded the orthopedic services at Hôpital Notre-Dame and was the medical director for 25 years. He also provided care at Sainte-Jeanne d'Arc and Saint-Luc Hospitals.

He is best known for creating and perfecting the Papineau Technique of open bone grafting to treat chronic osteomyelitis.

He was an invited Professor throughout the world and presented his research at multiple international conferences.

He was appointed a full professor at Université de Montréal based on his scientific work, publications and support to residents in orthopedics. He was a creative surgeon and very nice person.

His wife let us know that they remembered the many EBJIS meetings in Europe that were “always very cordial”. We wish her and her children all strength needed and are grateful for their attendance all that years.

Andor Boda

Dr Andor Boda was part of the preparatory meeting organized in Lyon, May 19, 1982, where the organization of the EBJIS Study Group was discussed.

The Study Group was founded in Paris on 12 November 1982 and Dr Boda was one of the co-founder. 

His publication on Infections comes in 70s and 80s especially about osteomyelitis, gentakralen and flushing systems.

Dr. Boda was a warm, empathic and distinguished Doctor for our Society. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family.

 A. Boda


Guy Jenny 

Guy Jenny was born in Strasbourg  on  30  November  1932.  After finishing  high  school,  he  studied  medicine  and  finished  in  1959  his dissertation  in  the  field  of  occupational  medicine  at  the  Faculty  of Medicine of Strasbourg. He started his career at the Internal Trauma  Centre  of  Strasbourg,  where  he  worked  for  40  years.

Further he specialized in knee surgery and sports traumatology.  In 1968 he created the first  Septic Department of Orthopaedic Surgery in France.He  was  the  author  or  co-author  of  more  than 60 original  articles  in  his  specialty,  published  in  several  languages.

He presented  more  than  90  scientific  papers  during  many  of  his  trips  to surgical congresses worldwide. Guy  Jenny  was  one  of  the  founding  Members  of  the  European  Bone and Joint Infection Society, served as General Secretary for 10 years and  chaired  our  society  from  1992  to  1995.  He was appointed Honorary Member in 1996.

Our association owes a lot to Guy Jenny. Our thoughts are with him and his family.