The 42nd EBJIS Annual Meeting

EBJIS Statement on Conflict in Ukraine

The European Bone and Joint Infection Society (EBJIS) condemns any form of violence and therefore the unjustified military invasion of Ukraine from Russian government. We are profoundly shocked and saddened by this unspeakable human suffering. We stand in solidarity with all individuals who are affected by this war.
EBJIS main mission is to support education and scientific collaboration among people from all over the world to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of bone and joint infections. Wars cause psychological and physical suffering to many people and Trauma Surgery is one of the major needs that has to be performed, in many occasions under inadequate conditions which is associated with a high risk of infection. Accordingly, EBJIS is particularly worried, and we support those who provide health care in the most difficult circumstances including local as well as recognized humanitarian and international agencies.
EBJIS wishes a rapid and peaceful resolution of this conflict.