The 41th EBJIS Annual Meeting

Video from the EBJIS Leadership

The EBJIS Leadership welcomes everyone to join the upcoming 41th EBJIS Annual Meeting, to take place from 12-14 October 2023 in Basel, Switzerland.

It is our aim to connect with our scientific audience, understand their needs, ensure they are engaged in scientific discourse and ultimately use it to aid further advancement in BJI research and care.

The 41th Annual meeting will take place in- person, however online attendance will also be available. 
This year EBJIS has introduced a special fee for online attendance for low resource countries equal at 100 CHF.

We encourage you to register by 1st of July and benefit from our early bird registration fee 
We look forward to meeting with you in Basel and experience a unique meeting! 

EBJIS Former Presidential Line- video messages

We at EBJIS are working daily to increase engagement throughout the Bone and Joint Infection community, deliver education and build trust. Given the concerns on Covid19, which has heavily affected our professional and personal lives, and without the possibility to meet in-person this year, we wished to give you some closer insights of our society, where we were some years ago, where we currently stand and what we plan in the near future.

What is EBJIS?

The aim of the Society is to promote the knowledge of all infections affecting the Musculoskeletal system (bone and joint infections), and to promote the prevention and treatment of these infections. The Society is a non-profit organisation. The annual membership fee at this moment is 130 euro. Members who not pay their fee for 2 years are skipped as member.

There is no direct benefit of commercial parties. Since 5 years a scientific price is given for the best paper and the best poster during the annual meeting. The annual meetings are partly organised with financial help of the industry, but it appears to be difficult to get sponsoring of international meetings by national companies.

The Board consists of a President, assisted by a Vice-President (the next President) and a Past-President, all in that function for 2 years. This guarantees continuity for each of 6 years with an overlap. A General Secretary, Treasurer, Archivist, and members of the Board assist them. They can be re-elected and form a more permanent factor. The Board meets three to four times a year. The members themselves must do all administrative work; the relative small society with limited finance cannot afford professional support.


The European Bone and Joint Infection Society (EBJIS) is today an important platform for all doctors and scientists interested in infections of the musculoskeletal system, but in the first years of its existence it was not clear that it would develop to this level. In the early nineteen eighties many specialty societies were founded, and some of these rapidly acquired a large number of members, e.g. the societies devoted to hip prostheses or knee arthroscopy. The EBJIS started also in these years, but as a relative small study group. Nowadays there is a decrease of the presence at the meetings of these early members, since they are retired or have passed away. Very few of the current members are aware how much effort was needed, especially in the first years, to create the platform for bone and joint infection that is available now.